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Sarris Winery is located in the south-west part of Kefalonia, very close to Avithos beach in the area of Svoronata, 10 km from the island’s capital, Argostoli and close to the island’s Airport.

The area has picturesque villages like Svoronata, Kaligata and Kourkoumelata, where you can find traditional houses with fragrant, inlaid gardens, olive and orange groves; a very peaceful place!

Enjoy a stimulating wine tasting experience under the guidance of our experienced wine experts, visit the Sarris Winery, learn all about the local grape varieties and the viticulture of Kefalonia. Taste and admire the real spirit of Kefalonia. This tour is ideal for all visitors as it gives the opportunity to learn in an entertaining way all there is to know about the wine culture of the island! The only thing you need to do is share with us the feelings that the tastes of Kefalonian wines create to your palate and your heart!

Sarris Wine Tasting Tour Details

  • Guidance and wine presentation by an experienced sommelier/wine expert.
  • Wine pairing with homemade bread, olive oil of our production, organic cherry tomatoes and local cheeses.
  • Learn about the unique viticulture & the indigenous grape varietals.

Open every day

Sunday & Monday 12:00-19:00

Tuesday to Saturday 12:00-20:00

*closed on August 21 and 22

“Avithos” Tasting…7,0€
Tasting of 3 wines
(White, Rose, Red)

Premium Tasting…10,0€
Tasting of 5 wines
(White, Robola of Kefalonia, V for Vostilidi, Rose, Red)

Extra Premium Tasting…15,0€
Tasting of 7 wines
(White, Robola, , V for Vostilidi, Rose, Red
together with 2 limited edition wines)


With great experience as a sommelier, Panos Sarris decided to deal with the production of wines, with emphasis on the local varieties of Kefalonia. Low intervention wines, unfiltered which perfectly reflect the philosophy of the producer and the unique terroir of the island.


Our winery is open to all oenophiles and everyone wishing to get know about kefalonian wine and local viticulture.

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